Hi there,


If you’ve reading this you’re probably here because you’ve been suffering with pain for a long time now, and doctors have told you there’s nothing you can do besides become best friends with painkillers. Sound familiar?


Well were here to let you know that this isn’t true, pain killers are not the cure to your pain – and together we can find that cure and tailor a plan of care exactly to your needs. The sad truth is, doctors are just not aware of what physiotherapy really is and how we can help you, so it’s very rare that your doctor will be able to tell you what you really need…. physiotherapy. Rest assured you’ve managed to find the solution all by yourself, so let’s get into it!


In an ideal world we would love to see you in our usual Physiotherapy Clinic in London and hear all about what you’ve been suffering with so we can tell you just how we can help! But.. the current state of the world with Covid-19 has made this option temporarily unavailable. However, that doesn’t mean you now need to suffer in silence in your home! The fact that you’ve found our site and are motivated to find a solution to your problem tells me you’re willing to try new things, and so are we! This is why we’ve set up an all new remote system which will allow us to continue helping people like you at this time.


If you are serious about getting out of pain and getting back to being just as mobile as you once were, give our video appointments a try. What have you got to lose? You could lose that constant pain that stops you from playing with your kids and grandkids. You could lose the stiff joints that won’t allow you to play tennis like you used to. You’ve got A LOT you could lose… and from this you’ll be gaining so much! We can’t help you, unless you want to help yourself by taking a chance on Physiotherapy.


We’re still here, we’re still able to help – we know that pain doesn’t just go away by itself and by now, you know that too. This is why we’re finding new solutions to be here for you and all the others like you who this time at home will only make worse. Keep the progress you’ve made so far in eliminating pain and becoming more mobile with our video appointments. Don’t end up in A&E with chronic pain risking contracting the virus because you didn’t get the right help soon enough.


Whether your new to Physiotherapy/Yoga or Pilates, or you’ve trusted us with your health and been on your journey to rehabilitation with us prior to the pandemic – keep healthy from home and invest in yourself!


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