With the 29th of March around the corner, there is a huge buzz of excitement around people getting back to their usual outdoor sport! However, is your body ready for that? With months and months of working from home and a new sedentary life-style your body may not be as able as it used to.  Rushing back into sports, after so long without it could result in injury so it is important to head back into your usual sporting activities safely!

As a nation we are fond of making sure the things we love are in great working order and ready for anything. We brits go the extra mile for our pets ensuring that they have pet insurance, and taking them for regular check-ups with the vet to insure they are healthy and happy. We take care of our teeth! Regularly attending our dental check-ups to make sure our oral health is tip top so that our teeth last us a life-time… We take care of our cars! With regular standardised MOT checks that involve dozens of inspections to your car, ranging from the brakes and fuel system to lights, mirrors, seatbelts, windscreen wipers and exhaust system so we know everything is working well. So why do we not care as much about our own bodies? Afterall, we only get one body – and surely taking care of the body that gets us from A-Z should be priority number 1, shouldn’t it?

The sad reality is that many of us won’t care about the health of our bodies until its too late and we are suffering with chronic pain. As you may know, and what we are always trying to teach here at ALO Is that prevention is better than cure… So it is vital to help yourself and your body before you get to a stage where you are now in pain having left your own health on the back burner. So why is it that we are all guilty of prioritising the other things we love in life besides ourselves?

Many of us have a disinterest in taking care of our health because we simply think the problem, we have will naturally go away by itself and we will become ‘fine’. But the reality is, leaving aches and pains unattended usually only makes matters worse. Some of us may have been to the hospital many times with issues left undiagnosed or told that the way to manage your pain is to take painkillers and tablets 24/7. No one of should have to feel like the only way out of our condition is to medicate for temporary relief and this leads us to lose faith in the health care system and our bodies themselves. It is not uncommon for people suffering with pain to just ‘accept’ that this is something they have to deal with and that there is no way out. Our mission is to stop you in your tracks now and make sure you prioritise your health the same way that you would your pets, or your cars so that pain doesn’t become up your reality.

If you would like to start taking that 1% of action that will lead you back to full body health and a more energetic way of being, why not book in for our full body MOT health check? We have started offering this to make people aware that you should be checking on your body’s health in the same fashion that you check on your cars, pets and teeth! A full body MOT health check will involve a physio assessing your movements and body capabilities to ensure everything seems normal and tell you which areas you can improve. This check will also help you to catch any possible problems early before they arise and you end up in pain. Early pain deduction tends to be reversible and it becomes much more difficult to treat when left unattended to become chronic.

To ensure your body is pain-free and ready for all the sporting activities you may now start doing, book in with us for a half-price Full Body MOT check-up for just £72.50.

Call us on: 0207 636 8845 to book your half-price Full Body MOT health check-up now.