For many of us, the arrival of COVID -19 sending us into a national lock-down at the beginning of 2020 and now for a second time at the end of 2020 – has been a drastic and unforeseeable turn of events that needless to say… has taken a toll on us all.

In our daily lives and routines, we have become accustomed to knowing that what we can do whatever we want, whenever we want. Freedom has been ours and you might say that we have taken it for granted! Only now in light of knowing what life under ‘lock-down’ looks like are we able to truly appreciate and value all of all we had access to. Whether it be the local clothing store whose isle’s we perused through at our own leisure on weekends or, whether it be the restaurants and events we used to attend regularly with our friends and family. With all of these things we love being put on hold, you could say many of us have little to look forward to at the moment.

However, there seems to be one mutual thing bringing people together in excitement even when they can’t physically be together in each other’s homes or workplaces. That one thing is Black Friday! As a rule, we are used to the Black Friday madness of crazy shoppers, huge queues, and hustle and bustle in the shops… but due to lock-down, we won’t have that same version of Black Friday this year. So, the question is, what will this 2020 ‘online’ version of Black Friday look like? Should we be more or less excited for this new version of the event? Well, stay tuned and I’m going to tell you all the reasons why you can still enjoy 2020’s Black Friday and perhaps even MORE than last year!

1). Its cold! As we all know – winter is in full swing as we head closer and closer to December. Although we all love a good deal, do we love venturing out into the cold to do a full days’ worth of shopping? I think not!

2). There are no crowds to fend off… If you’re not a fan of shopping, you know the one thing that makes it worse is knowing that you’ll be shoulder to shoulder with all the other shoppers looking to get the same deals as you. Enjoying the Black Friday deals from your sofa without having to worry about pushing past rowdy crowds, or worrying about being the first in line before the good items sell out is an absolute win!

3). Great deals are available online too! The easiest place to find the best deals will always be online. The ease and comfort of a few simple clicks in your search bar and a being able to view a list of all the deals in one place makes thing super quick and easy for us all.

4). You can plan ahead… Now is the perfect time to hunt down the items you definitely want to buy and keep an eye on them right up until the discounts arrive! You can even manage to go the extra mile of having items already in your basket by midnight… A luxury that would have been impossible when shopping in store.

5). Time saving! Shopping the Black Friday sale online allows you to shop on multiple sites at the same time, making each purchase quick and easy so you don’t waste any time in the physical stores. Shopping in the stores one by one allows time for items to sell out.

6). You’re less likely to make impulse buys. Let’s face it… we all know the feeling when we pop into a shop to pick up one or two things and come out with a trolley full! Shopping online allows you to know exactly what you want without becoming distracted or tempted by other items.

7). Many sites offer free shipping… In most cases the benefit of shopping in store means that you won’t have to pay for any crazy shipping fees. HOWEVER, most shops already offer free delivery or are intentionally now offering it in light of the Black Friday deals or lock-down.

8). Midnight!  Stores conventionally close by the evening time but if you are eager to get the best of the best deals, you can be ready and waiting with your laptop or phone as soon as the clock strikes midnight – to ensure you get first pick of the deals! (you know the early bird catches the worm). Some web

9). Waiting for your parcel to arrive… Its true, we are truly the online shopping generation. Because of this, we know there’s nothing quite like the feeling of placing your order through your phone and then spending every day waiting by the front door filled with excitement. (The mail man can easily become our new best friend!)

10). Variety. With access to virtually any store via their website, you’ll never find a bigger selection/more variety and choiceanywhere else.

So, there you have it. 10 reasons why you can look forward to the upcoming Black Friday event, even more than usual, especially if you’re a fan of making purchases with ease! Why not check out our Black Friday deals? We are offering 30% off on ALL packages this whole week, including Black Friday itself. Head to the bookings section on our website to check out our offers and deals: