It’s been a strange and difficult year for us all but with the kids finally going back to school we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  2020 has felt surreal for us and for all of you, our valued patients.  We have been worried and stressed, and concerned for our health and the health and well-being of our loved ones around us.  Like many of you, we have spent an inordinate amount of time at home with our children home schooling them and trying to keep them occupied and busy while the schools have been closed.  Not only has this been difficult for us and being able to run our business effectively but also for the children.  I’m sure we all know the difficulties with online-learning and making sure that your kids are doing their best in these bizarre circumstances. 

It’s been tough on us all and many of us may have been neglecting ourselves trying to keep the family home running smoothly, working from home and running our businesses.  I don’t doubt that each one of you feels like they need a break and cannot wait to get back to normality.  Fortunately, with the schools re-opening it now gives us more time to breathe, to take care of ourselves and make sure that we are in the best health to be able to look after our families and our children.

We have missed seeing your familiar faces and are looking forward to seeing you all very soon.  We would recommend a Sports Massage with one of our Chartered Physiotherapists to get you feeling more like you again.  Release the stress and the tension in your muscles and relax, knowing that life is slowly returning to normal.

We are excited to be back up and running and offering all of our services again including Physio, Tecar Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Clinical Pilates, Yogalates and much more.

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