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Nudging the way to good health

Nudging the way to good health

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  • Jul 14, 2016

ALO Clinic founder Andre de Oliveira has developed computer software called ‘Little Nudge’.

Little Nudge aims to inspire people who work at computers to have healthier habits during the course of the working day. The software reminds users to do simple, evidence-based healthy activities whilst at work. Little Nudge users can add their own personalised ‘nudges’ to remind them to do specific physiotherapy exercises or any other unique activities. There are many other ways the software can be tailored for each person, including what the nudge looks like and where it appears.

Little Nudge has been used in several large organisations. This has helped to measure the impact of the software and shape its development. A pilot of Little Nudge found that people using Little Nudge were less bothered by back pain or headaches and they moved around more often whilst working.

Little Nudge is based on the compound effect principle; it is the little choices which we make each day which accumulate over time and have the biggest impact on our lives.

Download a free trial of the software from our website

Little Nudge, Big Changes!