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Preventing Pain in the Office with Little Nudge

Preventing Pain in the Office with Little Nudge

Many patients who come for Physiotherapy Treatment at ALO suffer with pain caused by working in sedentary positions, poor posture and stressful environments. Musculoskeletal disorders such as back and neck pain account for 44% of all work-related ill-health(1). Many of these disorders could be prevented by having healthy habits during the working day.

This is why ALO Clinic founder Andre de Oliveira has developed ‘Little Nudge’.

Little Nudge

Little Nudge is an inobtrusive software programme and an easy-to-use tool for the prevention of pain.

Little Nudge is computer software, which aims to inspire people who work at computers to have healthy habits. The software reminds users to do simple, evidence-based healthy activities whilst at work, for example ‘ roll your shoulders’, ‘wiggle your toes’, ‘take a deep breath’, ‘smile’. Users can also add their own personalised reminders.

Little Nudge has been used with several thousand office workers. A pilot(2) of the software found that it was effective at increasing how often people get up and move during the working day. There were also reductions in how much people reported that they were bothered by back pain or headaches. 

Preventing Pain in the Office

Top tips:

  1. Stand up and move every 30 minutes (even if it is very briefly when you answer the phone)
  2. Look away from the computer to rest your eyes every 20 minutes
  3. Stay well hydrated (approximately 2.5 litres  of water a day)
  4. Book a prevention session at ALO

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