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How to avoid a tennis injury

By ALOMarketing2019

The summer is here, the sun is shining (mostly!), and many of us are getting out our tennis raquets. In order to avoid injuries whilst on the court, we’ve outlined some top tips for preventing the most common injuries whilst playing tennis. Simple tips 1.    Build up tennis time gradually. If you haven’t practiced for a…

Preventing back pain in golfers

By ALOMarketing2019

Low back pain is a very common problem affecting many golfers. Incidence rates of low back pain in golfers range between 18 and 54%. However, many golfers do not experience back pain and it is quite preventable. The following tips will help you to avoid pain and continue playing golf: Top tips 1. Be consistent with…

Tips for London Marathon training and recovery

By ALOMarketing2019

It’s six weeks until the London Marathon! In these final training weeks, here are our top-tips for how to prevent injuries and perform at your best for your marathon experience. Training 1. Reach 20 miles Gradually build up your long training run to 20 miles by 3-4 weeks before the race day. 2. Taper down your runs…

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