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Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain

One of the most common injuries treated by physios. Physiotherapists can help enormously to speed up recovery from ankle sprains.

Mechanism of injury

85% of ankle sprains are called ‘inversion’ injuries – this is when the foot curls inwards whilst weight bearing. This results in one or all of the three main ligaments on the outer side of the ankle being over-stretched.

An assessment by a Physiotherapist at ALO Physiotherapy will help to determine the specific structures affected and the severity of the ankle sprain.


  • Pain, swelling and tenderness around the ankle.
  • Pointing the foot and weight bearing may be painful.

Grades of injury

Sprains can be classified according to the severity of injury:


  • Grade I - Mild – pain and swelling is mild, small impact on function
  • Grade II - Moderate - Moderate levels of swelling, pain. Range of movement and stability effected
  • Grade III - Severe - Complete rupture, large swelling and high pain, large loss of function and instability


During the first 3 days following injury, principles of Protection, Relative Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation (PRICE) should be followed to reduce pain and risk of further injury.

Following this, rehabilitation will aim to restore ankle range of motion and the ability to weight bear.

The next stage of rehabilitaton, will include building muscle strength, power, ankle stability, balance and retraining sports-specific activities.

Treatments which may be used by Physiotherapists at ALO Physiotherapy:

  • Rehabilitative exercises
  • Manual Therapy
  • Taping
  • Electrotherapy

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