Functional Training

Would You Benefit From Functional Training?

Do you want to exercise and keep fit? Are you unsure if you’re doing it right or have no idea what to do? Do you have pain in your knees or shoulders from doing certain exercises? 

Learn how to Exercise Correctly

As you may know, part of physiotherapy is exercising well. As physiotherapists, we have extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, as well as exercises. We know which muscle does what, and at which angle and alignment certain exercises should be performed in order to target the correct muscles.

But most importantly, we understand how to PREVENT ANY INJURIES OR OVERLOADING as a result of exercise. Our physios can show you exactly how to perform FUNCTIONAL exercises to help you stay strong, fit and remain injury free!

Book a Functional Training session with one of our Physios

Book a functional training session with our physiotherapists. We will assess your biomechanics and teach you how to exercise in a safe and healthy way, based on your personal goals. If you prefer exercising under supervision, then we are more than happy to see you regularly for training at our rehab gym.

To book your Functional Training