Ergonomics and Working Remotely during Covid-19

Are you currently working from home and are experiencing pain in your back, neck or wrist and you’re not sure why? We have the answer…

Most of us spend hours at our desk every day. Bad habits and incorrect posture can lead to short-term pains and aches that can turn into long-term injuries especially when your desk and chair at home was not designed for office work.

Most office chair and desk heights will have been assessed according to Ergonomic guidelines to ensure the workers don’t suffer with long-term or short-term pains due to sitting at the desk for extended periods of time. However, now that you are working from home, we understand that you may be finding yourself suffering with pains that you’ve never had before simply because your chair and desk have not been assessed to the ergonomic guidelines recommended causing pains and strains in your neck and back. This is why you would benefit greatly from a video appointment with a Physiotherapist who can assess your home working space and let you know what to adjust to be able to work comfortably and efficiently.

What is a desk assessment?

More commonly referred to as a display screen equipment (DSE) or workplace assessment, a desk assessment is recommended for anyone who feels that their current workstation setup may be contributing to pain and discomfort in the lower back, neck or wrist.

For individuals with an injury or disability, a desk assessment is an ideal way to identify improvements that can be made to the desk setup, the individuals working patterns, or recommend assistive technology (e.g specialist chairs) that can improve comfort. A desk assessment considers your ergonomic setup and organisation of work tasks to provide practical recommendations to improve comfort.

We offer a comprehensive desk assessment service to individuals and organisations. All desk assessments are carried out by chartered Physiotherapists with specialist training.

During the video appointment your Physio will look into:

– desk hight adjustment

– desk and chair adjustments

– correct screen hight/size

– correct position for mouse and keyboard

– tips and tricks for the mouse and keyboard

– correct way of sitting

– give lifestyle tips on how to keep fit and mobile whilst working from home

Please book here for a “Video Appointment” with a Physio to assess your Office with Home Ergonomics before the pain becomes unbearable.