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The summer is here, the sun is shining (mostly!), and many of us are getting out our tennis raquets. In order to avoid injuries whilst on the court, we’ve outlined some top tips for preventing the most common injuries whilst playing tennis.

Simple tips

1.    Build up tennis time gradually.

If you haven’t practiced for a while, build up slowly, to give your muscles a chance to adapt. Allow adequate rest in between the days which you play.

2.    Warm up and cool down

Warm up all the joint regions in your body, in particular the hip, spine and shoulder regions. This is a great example of a comprehensive warm-up.

3.    Get professional help to assess your technique

Poor technique, especially when serving can contribute to injuries. Ask an experienced tennis coach or specialist physiotherapist to analyse your serve and your other main strokes.

4.    Avoid playing in wet conditions

This is an obvious one, but is a common cause of injury to the knees and ankles due to slips and falls.

Common tennis injuries

Tennis elbow

Overuse of the gripping muscles can effect the point where these muscles attach at the elbow. Using a raquet with a large head, strung at moderate tension and relaxing the grip in between strokes can help to prevent overload.

Muscle strains

These can occur with sudden contractions or overstretching a muscle, which is common due to the fast, dynamic and unpredictable movements required on the court. Warming up all regions of the body thoroughly can help to prevent muscle strains.

Shoulder pain

Rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries can occur without adequate strength and conditioning, insufficient warm-up or poor technique. The rotator cuff are small muscles which control the position of the shoulder joint throughout its range. Warm up the rotator cuff muscles before playing and add some rotator cuff strength and conditioning to your training.

Stress Fractures

These can occur in the foot or leg if training is increased too quickly. Always build up your training gradually and allow adequate rest in between playing.

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