Back and neck rehab classes that will save you in lock-down - also available face to face!

Are you someone who is now working from home and suddenly suffering with a new back and neck ache? Are you constantly staring down at your laptop or staring up at your T.V screen straining yourself?

Don’t worry! We know that a lot of us are probably suffering with a few new aches and pains whether its from working from home or playing with the kids 24/7! 
We want to let you know we are still here to help you and we will be running classes online to carry on helping anyone who would like stay fit from home via our video appointments.

The classes are small and will be focus on helping patients keeping fit. At the moment she is offering two kind of classes, Fit and Healthy backs and Neck & Shoulder Rehab. 

Fit and healthy back class

This class focuses mainly on the lower back. We work especially on core control and back muscle strengthening but also on tight hip and pelvis muscles. Exercises will be done in various position and elastic band and mat are optional. 

Shoulder- neck rehab class 

A class especially for shoulder and neck problems. The focus of this class lies in joint mobility, posture training and muscle strengthening. In addition we try to relax hyper tensioned muscles and bring it back to balance. Optional : mat, resistance band or little weights 0,5-1kg (alternative water bottles or can food.)

Here is the timetable: 

Monday   8:30- 9am Neck & Shoulder Rehab.

                 09:10- 9:40am Fit and Healthy backs 

Thursday 5:00-5:30pm Fit and Healthy backs

                 5:40-6:10pm Neck & Shoulder Rehab  

Please let us know which one you would like to book in for and we will send over the details. Each class lasts 30 mins and is £25.

Should you prefer a one to one, please call us on our landline and we can organise that for you, don’t forget your insurance will still cover video appointments! So why not get involved?

What have you got to lose besides the pain you might be in!