Long COVID Rehab

Are You Currently Suffering From Long Covid?

Long Covid is the term used to describe the extended effects of Covid-19. It refers to people who are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms for longer than expected (longer than 4 weeks), as well as those who have recovered from Covid-19, but are still experiencing symptoms of the infection.

Long Covid can be an exhausting and debilitating condition, affecting your ability to undertake even the simplest tasks and activities. Typical symptoms include a chronic cough or shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, depression and anxiety, cognitive difficulties, gastro intestinal disturbance such as diarrhoea, continuing headaches, fatigue, weakness and difficulty sleeping.

The good news is that, unpleasant as long-Covid is, we can help!

Learn how to exercise safely post-Covid

At ALO Physiotherapy, we are helping to speed up the recovery process for long-Covid sufferers through carefully planned programs of Functional Restoration and Exercise Rehabilitation.

Exercise has huge benefits for long-Covid sufferers and our tailored treatment includes the following:

  • Manual therapy to help relieve fatigue and muscle aches.
  • Breathing exercises that you can continue at home or at work.
  • A tailored exercise program to help with rehabilitation, to regain strength and improve energy levels.
  • Sleep strategies to aid rest and recovery.
  • Strategies to reduce anxiety and depression.
  • A ‘back to sport’ program to help you return to your favourite activities.

Book a training session with one of our physios

There are many other benefits of exercise for long-Covid sufferers and our team of experienced physios will be pleased to talk through them with you.

When you book a post-Covid rehab training session with one of our physios, you can be confident that you will have a tailored recovery plan, designed to help you back to full health in the shortest possible time.

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