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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At the ALO Physiotherapy Clinic, we have a 4-step approach when working with our clients:

1. We Assess

Our physios begin by assessing the area that is concerning you. We look at your function, movement, degree of pain and discuss how this is impacting your day-to-day activities. In the event that you need an MRI or other investigation, we have team of Consultants who can work with you.

2. We Treat

Next, we treat you. During this phase, we will present different treatments for you that are designed to reduce pain and improve function. These include manual techniques, improvements in posture, acupuncture or electrotherapy.

3. We Rehabilitate

Once pain and function is better, we begin the rehabilitation phase. Our goal is to prevent your injury from returning by using strengthening exercises, coaching on running styles, postural re-education, yoga and pilates.

4. We Deliver!

Too much emphasis is placed on getting better fast. Sometimes, things take time to improve fully, and require attention to prevent the problem returning again in the future.

It is especially important to deal with the very root of the problem. We will get you better as quickly as possible, whilst paying attention to the problem’s causes and demands. This way you can return to enjoying life at its fullest, without fear of recurring pain. The ALO Physiotherapy team is always at hand for follow-up advice should you need it.