Our Team

André de Oliveira


André is a chartered physiotherapist and the Director of ALO Physiotherapy Clinic on Harley Street. He specializes in treatment for back, neck and knee pain. He thrives on the strong belief that as the history of our lives becomes our biology, treating any condition holistically is the way forward for effective rehabilitation. He also has a keen interest in sports.

André is originally from Brazil where he obtained his first degree in Sport Science.

Emily Tims

 Emily Tims Physiotherapist at ALO Physiotherapy Clinic
MS Advanced Physiotherapy

Emily is a Research Physiotherapist. She graduated in 2003 and has worked in a mixture of NHS, private and research settings. She has managed a multi-centre orthopaedic research project, working under Mr Philip Ahrens at The Royal Free Hospital. She has a special interest in improving healthy environments in office spaces and has developed a health and wellbeing programme with Andre de Oliveira for this purpose (‘Little Nudge’).

Nahor García Jiménez


Nahor graduated in Physiotherapy at the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya (2009-2013) and completed a Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (2015-2016). 

In November 2011 he started practicing at Hospital Quirón Barcelona, and was later employed until February 2016.

Tremayne Gilling

 Profile image of Sports Therapist Tremayne Gilling
Sports Massage Therapist & Running Coach

Tremayne is an International athlete and has represented Great Britain in two sports: Track and Field and Bobsleigh.  He has trained and competed at the highest level in both of these sports in many locations around the world and has been mentored by some of sport's best coaches.

Cyle Carty

Sports Massage Therapist

Cyle is a former International sprinter who competed for England. Cyle has over 7 years experience in Sports Therapy, treating and working with professional athletes. After suffering from a fair amount of injuries throughout his own career, Cyle is passionate about keeping people healthy for general day to day activities and for performance in sport.

Renata Nunes

 Renata Nunes
Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor

Renata Nunes has been practising Physiotherapy for the past 20 years since graduating from University in Brazil.  She specialises in Musculoskeletal Disorders, RPG (Global Postural Re-Education) , Pilates, Acupuncture and Rehabilitation for Elderly people (Geriatric Physiotherapy).  Renata has worked in many Private Rehabilitation Clinics for Neurological and Orthopaedic patients.