Physiotherapy Membership

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Physiotherapy Monthly Membership

One Massage

We offer all members one physiotherapist led Sports Massage per month. This is the perfect antidote to sore limbs after playing sports or exercising. Helps you to recover more quickly and improves your flexibility

Private Facebook Group

An exclusive group where members can discuss any health related topics and propose questions to our physiotherapists about any concerns that they might have. Find answers to your queries quickly.

One Physio MOT

Receive your monthly physiotherapy MOT where your practitioner will treat any problems that you might have and give you preventative treatment. We want to ensure that you’re in top physical health.

One Clinical Pilates Class

Our Clinical Reformer Pilates are tutored by one of our physiotherapists. Using dynamic stabilisation techniques Reformer Pilates not only helps to increase core strength, but also improves balance and flexibility.

Clinical Pilates Membership

The aim of Clinical Pilates is to prevent and treat a range of postural and musculoskeletal conditions by retraining the core stabilisers to support the joints during everyday activities.  It is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Our monthly Clinical Pilates Membership includes 2 one-2-one sessions per month with our physiotherapist. 

Yogalates Membership

An infusion of yoga and Pilates led by one of our Chartered physiotherapists this blend of clinical exercise helps to stabilise the body, strengthen your muscles and improve posture. Perfect for everyone!

Our monthly Yogalates Membership included 2 one-2-one sessions per month with one of our physiotherapists.

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