Whether you live in the heart of London or live across the pond, you will have no doubt heard of Harley Street and what it has become famous for… health. Most of the people all over the world know Harley Street for being the most prestigious centre of high-quality private health clinics

 in London. Harley Street has become so well renowned for not just only Healthcare but ‘health care with a heart’ as the street boasts many, many businesses known for their patient centric approach gaining a trusting and loyal customer base.

Harley Street itself is incredibly long encompassing all of these high-end, high-quality clinics. The private clinics and Physiotherapy rooms stretch from Cavendish Square Gardens near Oxford Street, all the way to the south as far as Marylebone Road and Regent’s Park in the North, nearly a kilometre in length. Harley Street is situated in very close proximity to some of London’s main railway stations, and underground stations such as Kings Cross and Paddington, Harley Street is just a 6-minute walk from Bond Street station on Oxford Street making it highly accessible and well-known to Londoners. However, the history of the street itself is very rich and lesser known by today’s population. Here is some background information of how Harley Street came to be the most well-known medical street in the UK.

Harley Street began in 1713 when Edward Harley married Henrietta Cavendish Holles, the daughter of the Duke of Newcastle. They entrusted architect John Prince to redevelop the 92-acre Marylebone backwater Henrietta had inherited. The result was an attractive grid of beautifully proportioned townhouses, many of which remain unchanged to this date! All but a small portion at the north end, on Crown land, belonged to the Cavendish–Harley or Portland Estate, and today it remains in the hands of its successor, the Howard de Walden Estate.

In 1860 Harley Street began to establish itself as a medical vicinity, and there were around 20 medical practices that existed on the street at that time. In the Georgian period, there were over 200 doctors based in Harley Street alone. Today, there are more than 5,000 medical specialists, including Physiotherapists and surgeons operating out of what is known as the Harley Street Medical Area. HSMA.

At ALO Physiotherapy Clinic, we’re proud to have been a part of the Harley Street Medical Area community for over 20 years, first setting up our Physiotherapy clinic in 2001. ALO Clinic was founded by leading London Physiotherapist André de Oliveira. Since our establishment, we have endeavoured to maintain our Harley Street reputation for providing truly individualised patient care with superior levels of skill and customer service. The majority of our patients and clients are referred to the clinic by our neighbouring Harley Street doctors, surgeons and consultants that are confident our patients will receive the very best care.

If you live locally to Harley Street and have been suffering with pain or a condition that you are yet to find help with, why not book a FREE 15-minute discovery visit with us? In this complimentary visit you will have a chance to speak to a physio about your needs/and or condition and they will let you know if physio is right for you. Join the community of happy healthy Harley Street customers who receive the gold-standard of health care. Head to the testimonials section of our site to learn what our clients such as no5* in the world Tennis player Stefanis Tsitipas, and Great Britain athlete Dwayne Cowan have to say about us.

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