Physiotherapy & Pilates Membership

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Physio & Pilates Membership

Our brand new membership packages include two Physio sessions as well as two one to one Reformer Clinical Pilates to keep you fit & healthy this winter. This package is perfect for those looking to improve their core strength and ideal for those suffering from back ache and poor posture from working at home.  Receive regular treatments on a monthly basis providing you with consistent exercise programs and ongoing strengthening practises to continuously improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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Physio & Massage Membership

One Massage

This monthly subscription offers you one physiotherapist led Sports Massage per month. This is the perfect antidote to sore limbs after playing sports or exercising. Helps you to recover more quickly and improves your flexibility.

One Physio Treatment

Receive your monthly physiotherapy treatment where your practitioner will treat any problems that you might have and give you preventative treatment. We want to ensure that you're in top physical health.

Clinical Pilates Membership

This membership will allow you to enjoy 2 live Clinical Pilates classes per week.

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