This November we are excited to bring our new Physio & Pilates membership packages to ALO Clinic! Our membership packages are now available to book and buy online here. We have created 3 membership packages to choose from, Physio & Pilates, Physio & Massage and Clinical Pilates. Each package automatically allows our members to access their sessions on a 30 day basis, renewing each month enabling you to kick start a new routine managing your health and wellness on a regular basis. We want our members to feel that they are in tip top condition with regular assessments and exercise programs that ensure their needs are met and any issues are seen to and treated.

Living in a post Covid world, healthcare and your health is of the utmost importance to you and to us. We believe that by looking after your physical health with physiotherapy, Pilates or Sports Massages we can keep your body in check, proactively preventing injury, ill health and sickness. Movement and therapy is highly important in this stressful environment. Working from home regularly can effect our mental health and our bodies including our posture and our flexibility. It is extremely important for your well being to move regularly, to stretch, to strengthen and to relax. Our Chartered physiotherapists can help lead you through exercises that meet your personal needs and unique requirements. By visiting us regularly with one of our membership packages you know that you are in safe hands, where we can take care of you and ensure that we prevent any physical health problems and keep you in the best shape possible.

Now more than ever, people are moving less while working from home and we can only advise you that for your overall health and well being it is best for you to try and move around as often as possible. Following a healthy diet and receiving our treatments on a monthly basis will ensure that you are in peak physical health. We are able to spot inflammation, signs of aches and pains and diagnose where these might be coming from and why.

Our advice to our loyal patients is to make your health a priority in these unprecedented times. As we approach winter we believe now is the time to take responsibility for your health. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we are not invincible and that we should not take our health for granted. In order to be at your physical peak working closely with our physiotherapists will enable you to keep a close eye on your overall health. Patients with chronic knee or back pain quite clearly report an improvement in pain management and a significant speed in the rate of their recovery when seen by a physiotherapist. Undertaking regularly exercises and rehabilitation programs can massively transform your physical health.

We know that stress from your surrounding environment can have a huge detrimental effect on your body. You may find or have found that 2020 has caused all sorts of aches and pains caused by cortisol rushing through our body at the stress this year has brought upon us. Be sensible, be aware of what is happening to your body and your immune system. Be proactive and have regular treatments to ensure that you are less susceptible to injury and illness. Reduce stress and anxiety by getting outside and walking as often as you can.

Please note that all of our consultations and appointments can also be held online via video if necessary, so do ask us about this if you would prefer it. However, we are fully prepared for visits in our Harley Street clinic where we have established protocols for PPE and a limited number of persons in the vicinity at one time.

Our brand new Physio & Pilates membership package includes two physio sessions as well as two one to one Reformer Clinical Pilates to keep you fit & healthy this winter. This package is perfect for those looking to improve their core strength and ideal for those suffering from back ache and poor posture from working at home. Receive regular treatments on a monthly basis providing you with consistent exercise programs and ongoing strengthening practises to continuously improve your overall health and wellbeing.

We are also introducing the Physio & Massage membership. This monthly subscription offers you one physiotherapist led Sports Massage per month. This is the ideal antidote to sore limbs after playing sports or exercising helping you to recover more quickly and improving your flexibility. You will also receive a monthly physio session where your practitioner will treat any problems that you might have and give you preventative treatment. We want to ensure that you’re in top physical health

Finally we are also offering our Clinical Pilates membership which allows you to enjoy two live Clinical Pilates classes per week.  This membership includes a conditioning exercise programme that targets the deep postural muscles of the abdomen, scapular region and entire spine, improving overall core stability and posture.

So join us this November 2020 and start your new routine to health and well being. Don’t delay as we have a limited number of spaces! To start your membership package head to our Physiotherapy & Pilates Membership page. We look forward to seeing you soon.