Vibra Therapy

Has your wellbeing suffered as a result of lockdown and working from home?  

You are not alone… 

Which is why we are now offering a brand-new treatment – Premium Restorative Physiotherapy. Boasting all of our revitalising forms of Physiotherapy in one session, our new treatment is designed to restore you back to pre-COVID fitness!

Our Premium Restorative Physiotherapy combines programmes, therapies, and treatments – all with individual targeted areas of recovery for your body. We aim to relive you of any pain and tension you may have suffered over this period.

Your session will include: 

  • Hands on physio 
  • Vibration Therapy 
  • Tecar Therapy 
  • Massage
  • Exercise programme  
  • Wellbeing programme  
  • Maintenance programme  

Our Premium Restorative Physiotherapy treatment will be performed  during a thorough and relaxing 1 hour and a half session.

What you can expect:

Prior to your Premium  Restorative Physiotherapy session, you will first have a thorough consultation with your physiotherapist who will learn about your specific concerns and lifestyle.

With this information, your physio will know exactly which treatments and therapies you will benefit from and we will be able to tailor the session to your exact needs.

We will closely monitor your progress and follow you along your rehabilitation journey during each following session. Should you need further sessions, they will be tailor made in accordance with your progress so far. We will combine the use of different specialist equipment/therapies/treatments and programmes to ensure your body receives maximum restoration during the sessions.

Integrative and Restorative Therapy is exclusively offered by Andre the founder of ALO Physiotherapy Clinic as a result of his over 20 years research and experience. 


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