Low back pain is a very common problem affecting many golfers. Incidence rates of low back pain in golfers range between 18 and 54%. However, many golfers do not experience back pain and it is quite preventable. The following tips will help you to avoid pain and continue playing golf:

Top tips

1. Be consistent with your practice.

If you haven’t practiced for a while, build up slowly, to give your muscles a chance to adapt to the cumulative loading on the spine.

2. Inncrease hip and upper trunk rotation flexibility

Excessive rotation at the lumbar spine may contribute to loading in the lower part of the lumbar spine. By improving your hip flexibility (especially on the lead side) and upper trunk flexibility, this can improve the distribution of rotation forces in the spine.

3. Get professional help to assess your swing

Improving your address posture (by not slouching) and decreasing the amount of spinal side bend through impact is important to reduce loading forces on the spine.

4. Improve muscle control in the pelvis and spinal muscles

Pilates based exercises are a great way to achieve this.

5. Avoid carrying your bag

This will increase loading forces on your spine and cause fatigue in your spinal support muscles. However, if you do plan to carry a bag, please ensure that you use a strap, which distributes the weight across both shoulders.

6. Consider other areas of your life

Address other areas of your life that may increase the likelihood of you experiencing pain, for example: a sedentary lifestyle or excessive stress.

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