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Sports Injury

Sports Injury

The ALO Clinic offers treatments for orthopaedic (elective musculoskeletal surgery pre & post management) spinal, and sport & exercise related injuries, both acute & chronic - with a special interest in the management of acute and chronic tendon related pathologies. 
We also specialise in the management of post-swelling and scar tissue management, using Tecar Therapy. 
With an array of knowledge and experience throughout the clinic we can help reduce patients’ recovery times whether you are a professional or recreational athlete, or someone who just needs a helping hand to recover.  
Our dedicated team of specialised physiotherapists, offer their experience in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all the above injuries, using modern interventions such as Shockwave Therapy & Humar, Tecar Therapy as well an array of other evidence based Electrotherapy, Manual Therapy and Individualised Exercise Prescription.  
For those people who are interested in staying fit and healthy, we offer a screening programme tailored to your specific sport, hobby or job.

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