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Footballer's Injuries

Footballer's Injuries

 At ALO physiotherapy clinic we believe in a stepwise approach to helping our patients return to full fitness. Our physiotherapists are very experienced in assessing and treating sporting injuries over a variety of different sports and levels; from international athletes to people who play for fun and fitness.

Each patient is assessed on an individual, personal level to come up with the best plan of action to ensure a quick, and safe, return to sport.  We use a number of different treatment modalities and rehab strategies to ensure optimal recovery for each patient. 

We specialise in football injuries, but have many years of experience with various sports, and as such have gained extensive experience in lower limb injuries, especially knee injuries, post-operative rehabilitation such as ACL rehab, tendon rehabilitation, foot & ankle injuries, hip & groin injuries, shoulder injuries, lumbar spine, bone rehabilitation and acute muscle & ligament strains. We also offer pre and post-game strategies to help recovery and activation of muscles, in the form of soft tissue massage, using our TECAR Machine. Its benefits are instrumental for helping many athletes to recover and perform on a weekly basis.

We have also built up a large network across London with successful consultants, private hospitals, gyms and sports clubs, all of who trust us to refer patients to our ALO Physiotherapy Clinic on Harley Street each week. So whether you need an MRI, or to be referred to a specialist, we can help. 

We can also be of assistance if you are not injured! We can devise an injury prevention plan specific to you, whatever your sport, helping you to stay fit and healthy to enjoy the sport you love. This can be achieved using video analysis, biomechanical analysis, functional movement assessment & by speaking with each individual patient about training and playing strategies. This enables us to build an injury prevention portfolio for each individual patient, which allows us to be successful in our approach to injury prevention. 

Whatever you sport, whatever the injury please don't hesitate to get in contact with us for treatment, advice or injury prevention. 

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