By now, we have all been made aware of Covid-19 and the government has strongly encouraged social distancing in all public settings and working from home where possible – but how will this affect our health

Many of us have come to an understanding that health and mobility will naturally suffer as we’re not able to carry out our usual routines or attend our usual Physiotherapy or Pilates sessions. We’re here to let you know that just because we may be restricted to our homes at this time, it does not mean our bodies have to be restricted also!

It is particularly important that our bodies be in optimum levels of health to help evade catching the virus. Our bodies still need constant exercise at a time of crisis to keep up strength and maximise our ability to stay mobile.

With technology being so advanced in 2020, there are many ways to stay fit and mobile from your home. There is no need to view this time at home as ‘isolation’ and ‘confinement’ from your regular life and workout regimes – its 100% possible for you to stay just as healthy and fit as ever – and we’re going to let you know just how you can do this! Whether you are a person who is addicted to the gym or you are someone who struggles with pain and needs regular sessions with your Physiotherapist just to stay mobile – there is a way you can go on as usual from the comfort of your own home.

At ALO Physiotherapy, we recognise that trying to keep on top of your own fitness from home may be daunting and you may not be sure exactly what you can do from home? Fear no more – your ALO Physiotherapist will be with you every step of the way to teach you exercises you can do from home, and to provide you with constant guidance. This is all made possible with virtual service Telehealth!

What is Telehealth you ask? Telehealth is a virtual online service which will allow you to remotely enjoy your Physiotherapy or Pilates sessions at home via a face to face video call with your usual Physiotherapist at ALO.

Telehealth is a great option for anyone who still wishes to continue on with their rehabilitation journey and progress. Amazingly, it is available for both self-funding and the majority of insurance patients which means it wont cost you anymore then your usual Physio or Pilates sessions!

With the help of Telehealth, we can continue to provide you with the MOST SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN interventions that contribute to positive long term outcomes in ALL patient populations and ALL conditions from home. Regular Telehealth sessions from home maintaining exercise, including strength training is critical and vital to your body’s rehabilitation – especially now when other forms of exercise may not be possible. On a positive note, if you have extended time at home – with little to no other commitments currently, you may want to have more sessions then you would usually because you now have the time to! This means that it is very possible for you to come out of this pandemic stronger than before – this is a possible outcome for anyone who decides to take control of their health. You will gain invaluable lessons on how you can keep healthy and learn exercises from your own home. However, with continued support from us and your Physiotherapist using Telehealth we aim to make you strong enough to come in for your usual physical sessions as soon as it is safe to do so.

Overall, we would like everyone to understand that this time spent at home can be constructive instead of destructive to our health. Time spent indoors, doesn’t have to mean time spent in decline with any progress made towards becoming more mobile slowly deteriorating. This doesn’t have to be anyone’s reality! The reality is, that we can still continue to progress together, and no one is alone in their journey of health. Whether you choose to go ahead with Telehealth sessions from home or not, it is still possible to carry out other exercises in your home and stay on top of your health during this time.