Cyle Carty

Sports Massage Therapist

Cyle is a former International sprinter who competed for England. Cyle has over 7 years experience in Sports Therapy, treating and working with professional athletes. After suffering from a fair amount of injuries throughout his own career, Cyle is passionate about keeping people healthy for general day to day activities and for performance in sport.

Tremayne Gilling

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Sports Massage Therapist & Running Coach

Tremayne is an International athlete and has represented Great Britain in two sports: Track and Field and Bobsleigh.  He has trained and competed at the highest level in both of these sports in many locations around the world and has been mentored by some of sport's best coaches.

London Marathon Countdown - 2 weeks to go!

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  • Apr 08, 2016

If you a running the London Marathon on 24th April, all the very best of luck to you! By now, you will have done your longest endurance run and you will be tapering your training. Here are some tips for the next two weeks.

Tecar Therapy - Winback

Tecar Therapy-Winback is a unique manual therapy treatment used in physiotherapy and popular with professional athletes. It uses a combination of sophisticated manual techniques with electrotherapy technologies.

Preventing running injuries in novice runners

It is often at this time of year when it starts to become a little more sunny, that people take up running. Unfortunately there is strong research evidence that running injuries are significantly more likely to happen in novice runners than more experienced runners (Videbaek et al., 2015). However, many of these running injuries are preventable.

In order to get all the wonderful benefits of running, without injury, we offer some top tips below for preventing injuries whilst you run.

Tips to prevent and manage ski injuries

Your risk of ski injury may be lower than you imagine. Fortunately, due to improvements in ski equipment and slope design, the overall rate of ski injuries has reduced since the 1970s by about 50% and has remained the same for the last 5 years. 

Currently, for every 1000 people skiing on any particular day, 2 will sustain an injury that needs medical attention. However, novice ski-ers can be more at risk, due to inadequate preparation and not having enough knowledge of how to use equipment and be safe on the slopes.

Here are some top-tips to avoid ski injury and what to do if unfortunately you do become injured.

Scientific Studies for Tecar

A study at the University of Valencia on degenerative neck pain involving 100 patients was randomised into two groups of Tecar and Ultra-sound. It showed a statistically significant pain reduction in the Tecar group at days 1,4,5,6. In addition, there were greater limitations on flexion, extension and cervical rotation in the Ultrasound group. Therefore, there was a greater need for further physiotherapy support in the Ultrasound group as a result often 2 to 3 times greater than the Tecar group.