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What to bring to your first appointment

What to bring to your first appointment

Session Lengths

Typically, first sessions are 45 minutes and follow-ups are 30 minutes.

We will take your requirements and condition into consideration, for example some of our sports physiotherapy clients prefer to have one hour sessions combining techniques and therapies (these are charged according to the bespoke treatment delivered). Insurers often require us to do a 30 minute assessment and then 30 minute follow-up appointments.


It is important that you provide us with any referral letters, scans and previous medical and/or physiotherapy reports. This will help the physiotherapist prepare for your session. If you're coming via an insurance company then you'll need to bring those details with you too.


You may need to bring a pair of shorts (If you have a lower limb injury) or a vest (if you have a shoulder injury), just to make it easier for the physiotherapist to access the area. The physiotherapist will inform you of this at your first appointment.