Where Physiotherapy becomes an art

We believe that our physiotherapy sessions should be an experience that you can enjoy and not only a set of exercises to do and take home.  We are very passionate about our work and we will endeavour to use our full capabilities to ensure that you return to full function and with less pain.

We use a hands on approach to physiotherapy combined with Electrical Therapies and Rehabilitation.  We work as a catalyst to your fast recovery and we agree with the popular adagio: If you think you can or if you think you can not, you are probably right.

We present our patients with realistic goals and will create a plan with you to achieve these; we call this the Physio Plan of Care.

We are forward thinking in our approach to physiotherapy – and to deny the power and evidence based on the Electrical Therapies such as (Tecar Therapy , Vibration Therapy, Laser) – combined with the expertise of hands on physio and a specific rehabilitation programme, is to deny a fast recovery.

We integrate the natural healing process of an injury with a positive interference and expertise to maximise recovery.  How we do this?  Our team of physio experts understands the process of healing and when and how to intervene with the correct approach, to aid a swift return to good health.

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