Are you bored of receiving the same pair of Christmas socks and pyjamas every year? We thought so!

With so many sales, alluring gift boxes and pre-wrapped gift ideas… it can be easy to be tempted by generic ‘ready-made’ gifts at Christmas time. With so many people to gift for, it sure does seem like a great idea at the time…we get it! However, how many times have you bought a gift for a friend only to find out some else had already bought this for them, or perhaps they bought this for someone else themself.

The true idea behind a real gift, is to give someone something that you know they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves as it seems too ‘luxurious’ or ‘extravagant’. Because of this, as a society we often neglect our own health let alone the health of those around us. For those of us advanced in age, or those of us who have suffered with injury and pains, we know health is the most valuable gift there is!

Gift giving falls under three categories, whether you know it or not…

1). The gift they want

2). The gift they need

3). The gift they really need but won’t ask for!

Despite how well we think we know someone; gift giving is always a hard task and makes you question how much you really know about your friends and family… Do I get them the gift they want like that brand new Playstation5? Or, do I get them the gift they need like a new washer-dryer for the house? – all valid ideas. However, what about the gift they really need? What about the gift that deep down you know they need but they won’t ask you for?

Generally speaking, most of us will have a friend or family member that suffers with persistent aches and pains for one reason or another. However, as a result of 2020’s lock-downs and periods spent working from home, we now all know many people complaining of new aches, pains and ailments. Once you realise what it is that someone really needs, gift giving couldn’t be easier! Treat someone you love this Christmas to the gift of health with an ALO Christmas Gift Voucher. This won’t be the gift they’ll ask you for, but it will be the gift they’ll thank you for once they are relieved of pain!

The perfect gift to give this Christmas is full health and a pain-free Christmas celebration with family and friends. What could be a better gift then restoring mobility. For a lot of us, injury and pains stop us from doing the things we love. Back ache stops us from carrying our grand-children, knee-pain stops us from playing with them outside in the garden and neck ache stops us from getting a good night’s sleep! Help your loved ones get back to doing the things they love this Christmas by restoring them back to their former pain-free selves.

Whether you know someone who has had a long-term pain that they’ve just become accustomed to, or they are experiencing a brand-new pain – we believe prevention is better than cure. We’ve recently created the perfect service for everyone post-lockdown. We believe everyone really needs and can greatly benefit from our Premium Restorative Physiotherapy.

Boasting all of our revitalising forms of Physiotherapy in one session, our new treatment is designed to restore you back to pre-COVID fitness!

Our Premium Restorative Physiotherapy combines programmes, therapies, and treatments – all with individual targeted areas of recovery for your body. We aim to relive you of any pain and tension you may have suffered over this period.

Your session will include: 

  • Hands on physio 
  • Vibration Therapy 
  • Tecar Therapy 
  • Massage
  • Exercise programme  
  • Wellbeing programme  
  • Maintenance programme  

Our Premium Restorative Physiotherapy treatment will be performed during a thorough and relaxing 1 hour and a half session.

Integrative and Restorative Therapy is exclusively offered by Andre the founder of ALO Physiotherapy Clinic as a result of his over 20 years research and experience. 

Our services are not just for those who suffer with pain …perhaps you’d like to treat your mum or wife/ any family member to a relaxing massage? There’s nothing better than treating your body to an invigorating, refreshing massage to bring you back to life this Christmas!

The key benefits of a Sports Massage:

  • Improved muscle recovery
  • Relaxation
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improvements in immune function
  • Better sleep quality
  • Injury prevention
  • Reduce pain
  • Reduce muscle tension

There are so many benefits to having a Sports Massage, many people say that they notice an improvement not only in performance in sports but also at work. Alongside our busy schedules and keeping fit at the gym it is just as important that we prioritise time for the body’s tissues to rest and restore, this is where a Sports Massage can really help you in your recovery.

How is Sports Massage different to other forms of massage? A sports Massage is a specific therapeutic technique which targets injury regions. It is designed by your Physiotherapist for your individual body’s biomechanical needs, and the movements required for your sports and job.

With many services to choose from, why not go ahead and treat your friends and family to the gift they really need this Christmas with an ALO Gift Voucher.