Womens Health

Women’s health is a specialised area within physiotherapy that addresses a wide range issue affecting the pelvic and abdominal region ranging from pregnancy related complications to urinary incontinence in athletes. Many women avoid seeking help due to embarrassment or attribute their symptoms to a normal part of being a woman. Although, these problems are common, they are not normal. Physiotherapy has been shown to be an effective treatment in pelvic health issues, improving symptoms and women’s quality of life. Women should not suffer in silence anymore.

Conditions we can help with:

  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Stress incontinence
  • Urinary Urgency
  • Faecal and gas incontinence
  • Episiotomy (tear or cut post pregnancy)
  • Diastasis (separation of abdominal muscles following pregnancy)
  • Post caesarean care
  • Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain
  • Safe return to exercise postpartum
  • Painful sex or penetration (Dyspareunia)
  • Improve sexual function

What to expect at your appointment?

To gain a full picture of your condition we will ask you a detailed history of your symptoms and lifestyle. We will then do a thorough objective assessment which will include an external and internal (vaginal) pelvic floor examination. This may not be compulsory in all cases, but it plays a valuable part of the assessment, which will help our physiotherapists to decide the best treatment for you. If you wish you can bring a chaperone to your assessment with you. We appreciate that this can be daunting for most people, but you will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like and discuss which treatment options you feel most comfortable with, with your physiotherapist.
What’s involved in the treatment?
Following your initial assessment, your physiotherapist will advise you on what treatments are most suitable for your condition. This will also include a home treatment plan and lifestyle advise. Common tools that we use as part of our treatment include;
  • Pelvic floor training and exercises
  • Muscle and nerve stimulation using electrotherapy
  • Manual therapy for contracted or painful pelvic floor muscles
  • Pilates
  • Breathing exercises
  • TECAR therapy (radiofrequency) in conjunction with manual therapy to promote scar healing and reduce inflammation and pain in pelvic floor tissues.
  • Deep electromagnetic therapy for muscle stimulation and reduction of pain.


Recovering from a full Achilles rupture. Started my work with Nina in feb and my progress has only been positive and upwards and I am almost at full speed again. Nina put me back together again almost from scratch. She is the best physio I have ever worked with and will again. Very knowledgable and very hard working. Can’t recommend enough.


What a great find! My orthopaedic surgeon recommended them and I can't rate Luigi, Gloria and the team more highly. Excellent service and very effective treatment- recovering nicely!


I am 84 years old, and have always been fit and healthy and exercised regularly. 3 years ago I underwent emergency surgery for peritonitis, and had a colonoscopy bag for 6 months and straight after surgery to reversal of the stoma. After this surgery I felt my legs very weak. To complete my drama, during the last summer I developed an abdominal hernia and had surgery for hernia repair. This made me even weaker specially at my legs. I have recovered but felt weak. I started my sessions at ALO Physiotherapy at the beginning of January, with the Vibra Machine combined with specific exercises. I have now recovered my body strength, particularly in the legs. I am now walking normally and without pain. I am delighted!


Great clinic with great people! I was so lucky to find this clinic and even more when I met Andre. He's a very talented therapist and a wonderful person who makes you feel comfortable every time. He helped me to resolve my back problems in few appointments and I will be always grateful to him! From my experience is the best clinic in London and I highly recommend them without any doubts!


One of the best physiotherapy centres in the world! The professionalism and knowledge of this centre amazed me.


I am so glad I found this clinic. Luigi has been amazing. After my 1st session I felt an improvement and now have ALOT more movement and significant reduction in pain. I couldn’t recommend this clinic & Luigi enough. So helpful and flexible whenever I have needed to amend appointments. Every one is fantastic. I will continue to come here for as long as I need.


Andre is the best physiotherapist I came across. As a dedicated martial arts practitioner, I regularly use his services. He has always managed to fix my various back and leg injuries. I would recommend Alo Physiotherapy to anyone who suffers from body pain.


Where do I begin? The journey has been too long with Andre Oliveira and ALO Clinic , as he helped me both physically and mentally to overcome an injury I had in both of my knees. A small injury , after following wrong treatment became chronic and I found myself unable to walk/stand/run and do the simplest things- the mental impact was worse. I was introduced to Andre by Eleftherios Pavlidis who runs Laertion in Athens. lefteris with his team were the first to accommodate the problem and told me what I need to do. As a Londoner, I was introduced to Andre and ALO Clinic, and the rest is history. Since February 2017 when I had the first session with Andre and he identified the biomechanic nature of the problem, along with the use of Tecar the results were visible after one month. Since then, along with personal effort and strengthening I did always guided by Andre, I the problem is restored and the pain is gone. I highly recommend ALO Physiotherapy Clinic , and Andre Oliveira for anyone who suffers from sport injuries , amateurs or professional top athletes.


Very professional staff and friendly environment. I felt a lot better after very first session. Appointment are easily available. I would definitely recommend this place


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