Clinical Yoga


Yogalates is a fusion of  core stabilising Pilates exercises and the benefits of muscle lengthening and flexibility that is Yoga. It is fantastic for improving strength, flexibility and mental well-being.  Our classes can be held face to face or online and are directed by an experienced physiotherapist.

Yogalates can help to reduce lower back pain and anxiety.  It is suitable for for everyone and these gentle controlled moves can help improve your fitness at any age.

Face to Face Yogalates Classes

We hold face to face classes with our physiotherapists these can be held in a group or one to one.

Live Online Yogalates

Classes are held Tuesdays and Fridays  at 12 pm. 

Should you prefer a one to one, please call us on our landline on 0207 636 8845 and we can organise that for you, don’t forget your insurance will still cover video appointments! So why not get involved? What have you got to lose besides the pain you might be in!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you soon!