Post c section care

Post c section care

As a new mother, you’ve already selflessly faced one of the biggest challenges to your body and well-being. Thanks to modern medicine, the process of childbirth is much safer these days with many women being offered a caesarean section where necessary. Due to the high numbers of women giving birth, childbirth has become a fairly ‘routine’ procedure and in turn post c-section aftercare is easily overlooked. Especially when we consider a new mum’s intrinsic role of prioritising their new baby going forward and seemingly forgetting about their own physical and mental health.

At ALO clinic, we understand how easy it is to forget to take care of yourself when faced with new challenges, and that’s why we have a special interest in women’s health. A large portion of new mums have no idea just how incredibly important Physiotherapy is following a caesarean section.

Women's Health Physiotherapy Harley Street
At ALO, we have a variety of modalities and techniques to help you recover following a caesarean.

How we can help:

We will discuss your symptoms in depth and gain a thorough history. We will complete a thorough assessment of your posture, strength and functional movements. Your assessment may also include an internal examination. This will help us formulate a diagnosis and guide our treatment plan to ensure it is individual to your case.
Every case is different and based on your assessment our physiotherapist will discuss the best treatment options for you. Generally, we used a variety of modalities and exercises as part of approach including;
  • Scar massage
  • TECAR therapy (radiofrequency) in conjunction with manual therapy to increase blood flow to promote healing to abdominal muscles and tissues.
  • Graded and safe exercises for abdominal strengthening
  • Pelvic floor training using biofeedback devices
  • Muscle stimulation using electrotherapy
  • Deep electromagnetic therapy for muscle stimulation and reduction of pain
  • Pilates
  • Breathing exercises
  • Education and advice regarding lifestyle and training adaptations
  • Safe home exercise plan


I started seeing Louise three months ago for Women Health because of my Pelvic Prolapse, Hyperactive Bladder and mild Incontinence and I have had since huge results. Louise used Tecar Therapy and Tesla on me and over only the first month the improvement was incredible! Louise also prescribed me a home plan which includes using a Ten’s machine for Tibial Nerve Stimulation, to help with my overactive bladder and the Pelvic Tone home kit, to improve my pelvic floor strength. Both have been easy to use, and it has been great that I can keep up with my plan from the comfort of my own home, or while on vacation! Before seeing Louise, I was recommended to have surgery for a grade 3 bladder prolapse. My prolapse has now improved from a grade 3 to a grade 2, which is wonderful news, as there are many risks involved with this surgery! Most importantly, my quality of life has improved greatly – previously I was waking up 2/3 times a night resulting in a terrible sleep pattern. My incontinence has significantly improved that I can now enjoy exercising and the gym again, without worrying about any leakages. As part of my treatment, I have been doing Pilates with Louise with lots of guidance on diaphragmatic and hypopressive breathing. This has given me the confidence in exercising again, and not being worried anymore to do core exercises. As a result, my diastasis (separation of abdominal muscles) has significantly reduced. Louise’s professional yet gentle and warm approach has always made me feel comfortable, so that I now look forward to my Women Health sessions rather than dreading them.. I highly recommend Louise and everyone at the ALO Clinic, an amazing team!

Lilly, a very happy customer

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