Running Technique Coaching

Inefficient or poor running technique can make you more susceptible to pain or injury. We will get you on the treadmill and assess your movement, whether you are walking or running and identify your weaknesses. We will also get you on the Gait analysis pad to see where you are distributing the pressure/force when you are running, observing what part of the feet the force is going through which will then link in to your running assessment.

From there we can take you through a range of exercises and a range of different manual therapy techniques to correct those movements. We would then put you back on the treadmill and give you tips and pointers to improve your technique to help you run more efficiently, faster and move better.

Why is this important?

Correcting your running technique, not only helps minimise the risk of injury it also improves your efficiency. If you are more efficient when you are running, you can get from A – B a lot quicker. So, if the sport you do involves running (football, rugby, sprints, distance running etc.) this package of running technique lessons can improve your speed and efficiency.

Performance Running Technique package

So that you can successfully make changes to your technique, these Performance Running sessions are offered in a block of 5 sessions. The first session will include the Gait & Biomechanical Assessment and Strength testing. To achieve your goals the next 4 training sessions will be a combination of;

  • Teaching you the correct technique
  • Specific Running Drills, Strength Exercises, Mobility Exercises
  • Performance Therapy

With the inclusion of Performance Therapy, any tightness or uncomfortable feelings during the running session, our Coach and Qualified therapist will release or mobilise as he sees appropriate.

Who is this for?

  • Beginner – Elite runners
  • Distance runners
  • Sprinters
  • Triathletes
  • Multi-Directional Sports
  • Rugby
  • Football And more

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