What our clients think


“I am very very pleased with the service from a ALO physiotherapy. I had surgery on my shoulder, and they had my shoulder working normally (range of motion and strength) after only two months! Overall, very good, courteous and professional services! I would recommend them to anyone who needs a good physio”

Ms G.B.

Nahor took care of me following a hamstring injury. He spotted the problem right away, and I have been feeling better after few sessions already. He helped me in defining my own exercise program that I could perform at home and at the swimming pool to integrate his treatment. Most importantly, he transmitted me the right attitude to deal with my injury, which is one of the thing I needed the most. Plus, he was always available to reply to all my questions, even on emails. I would highly recommend this clinic.


Testimonial - Julia

I have been treated by Alexia for over 3 years for various injuries sustained by sports and a recent car accident. Alexia has always given me great advice and care, in such a personable and reassuring way. As well as her expert advice, Alexia is friendly and professional, and it is my pleasure to recommend her services to you.


Testimonial - Corrado

I attended my first treatment for back ache at ALO in 2013. Andre's enthusiasm and passion are contagious, his attitude totally positive. He approached the problem creatively using a combination of techniques in succession, from massage to [can't remember the name of the Italian system you use] for which he is one of very few in the UK to have the equipment, to acupuncture and exercising and finally, to changing my posture by inserting soles in the shoes. Within weeks of starting the treatment I stopped taking the painkillers I used regularly for a very long time and never needed them afterwards. Definitely physio at its best

Testimonial - James Crilly, Cambridge

For over a year I had suffered pain and much discomfort due to compression in my cervical vertebrae. At ALO Clinic i received a unique combination of intelligent physiotherapy and insightful coaching on posture control in a six month treatment regime. I can confidently say that my condition has dramatically improved - thanks to the professional expertise of Andre and team.

Testimonial - Elizabeth

I first went to ALO clinic with a very sore neck after visiting chiropractors, osteopaths and having a neck operation. This pain and numbness in my arm was rapidly taking me to a point where I would have to give up work (running my own company). Andre has helped with the pain and tension in the neck and I now only require the occasional visit to reduce the tension. His approach was very professional and most importantly gave me the confidence that I would get better. I can now work with no pain and enjoy life to the full- such a relief after at least 18 months of debilitating pain.

Testimonial - Keith Dunleavy

I have been treated by Andre for well over eight years, he has kept me playing elite level sport at 49, when the injuries I had sustained should have kept me out of my chosen events. It is my pleasure to recommend his services to you. Not only professional and a deep understanding of the TECAR technology, but also a thoroughly decent man.

Testimonial - Peter Jaffe

I have run over one hundred marathons and approx. 3 years ago, I had a series of calf and hamstring injuries that I could not overcome. I spent 6 months going from physio to physio and eventually a friend of mine recommended Andre. Before even thinking about treatment, Andre spent the first session discussing my history, assessing my running style, muscle development and noticed that I was flat footed: no physio had previously sought to find the underlying cause for my persistent injuries. He recommended orthotics, an exercise programme to build certain muscle areas that had been neglected as a result of years and years of running and a focused physio rehabilitation programme. Andre employed a holistic approach: rather than treating the injury he sought to understand what was causing the injury, deal with the cause and treat the injury in an intelligent, focused manner. i am now happily enjoying injury free running. I still see Andre on average every 3 weeks: not because I am injured but akin to ironing a shirt, I want to ensure all the "creases" in my muscles are ironed out. I have subsequently recommended a number of friends and colleagues to see Andre all of whom have been impressed with his bedside manner, desire to achieve the best results for his patients and holistic approach.

Testimonial - Predrag

I have been using Alo Physiotherapy for the last four years. Being 38 years old and doing Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) five times a week put a lot of strain on my not so young body. Over the years I have used other physios but the only one who went out of its way is A.l.o Physiotherapy Clinic in Harley Street. Considering their premier location they are very reasonably priced too! They always managed to squeeze me into their busy schedule even at 7am!!! I have had various injuries from BJJ. At each appointment, I received a thorough explanation on the cause of injury as well as the best treatment for a speedy recovery. Alo Physiotherapy definitely stands out from all other clinics. I highly recommend them!!!

Testimonial - Ms R O'Mahony

I really appreciated how much care Andre took in monitoring my progress and in tailoring each session based on my feedback. Andre was truly committed to helping me to recover

Testimonial - Mr E Fergusson

Since returning to the UK a few years ago I have been fortunate in finding a physiotherapy clinic, ALO in London, which has a very sympathetic approach to identifying, understanding and alleviating ones physical condition. I was not only cured of back and balance problems, but was given a number of progressive exercises to be done at home to strengthen my core muscles

Testimonial - M Sharp

I have always found the staff at ALO to be both friendly and extremely professional. ALO’s team of practitioners demonstrated both cutting-edge medical knowledge, and a high degree of dexterity to treat my condition. It was also pleasing to see that the team were happy to embrace holistic treatments when necessary, and encourage consultation with other specialists such as podiatrists to offer a complete treatment solution


Testimonial - Anna Black

I have had a problem with my neck and collarbone for some years, and have seen many medical specialists, physiotherapists and osteotherapists to try and find a cure. I can safely say that André was far and away the most genuinely committed to helping me solve the problem, always taking an interactive approach and actually talking to me about my progress, which unfortunately is not always the case with medical practitioners. I made good progress, and I remain convinced that had I not moved out of the country for work reasons, I would now be free of pain under André’s expert guidance.

Testimonial - Stefano Maniscalco

World and European Heavyweight Karate Champion

I discovered Human Tecar not long ago, but in just this short time I’ve already noticed the speed and effectiveness of the therapy, both in the recovery phase of my training program and in recovering from handicaps

Testimonial - Giorgio Di Centa

 Olympic Gold, Cross Country Skiing, Turin 2006

Before Human Tecar, team recovery times were very long. Now we manage to resolve any injury or disorder quickly. With Human Tecar, symptoms vanish completely and results are more stable

Testimonial - Renato Pasini

Gold Medal Winner, Nordic Ski World Championships, Sapporo – Japan 2007

Human Tecar is definitely an advantage in that, besides aiding in recovery from injuries, it helps to rid the body of accumulated muscle fatigue

Testimonial - Asafa Powell World Record, 100m Sprint

Human Tecar makes my physique more flexible and relaxed, allowing for a faster and more pleasurable recovery from training

Testimonial - Andrew Howe

Silver Medalist Long Jump, World Championships Osaka 2007

Human Tecar helps me regain maximum muscular elasticity