Now that Easter is over, we know we’ve all consumed as much chocolate as we can get our hands on! So, at ALO Clinic we’ve now turned our attention towards wellness and general health this April and so… April Wellness Month was born!

If you follow us on social media you probably already know all about our amazing offers and gifts happening in our clinic right now! For the entire month of April, we’re offering amazing deals for all of our new and returning patients. We’re exclusively offering a Full Body MOT Health Check-Up to all new or returning patients who join with us in the month of April for just half price at £72.50! On top of that in the spirit of well-being we will also be giving away complimentary wellness goodie bags for all of our new and returning patients full of gifts and treats you’ll love! We created our wellness month to help inspire you to think of your health and bodies and ways in which we can help ourselves get ready for post-lockdown this spring time.

This past year it has been incredibly easy to neglect our bodies and our health as the state of general life changed a lot for all of us. Because of those changes many of us have seen and felt the affects in our bodies. However, we want to raise awareness that prevention is always better than cure! Leaving aches and pains unattended will often worsen the situation, our Full Body MOT Health Check-Up performed by your physio will be an assessment of your current levels of ability and function. With this assessment your physio will help you to ensure any temporary pains you may have suffered over this period remain temporary and restore you back to full health. We aim to have everyone back to feeling like themselves again, back to being able to do the sports or activities they love again! In the clinic we often see patients who would like to be able to go back to running or playing a sport that they used to which they just can’t seem to do anymore since lock-down. We think its time for a change and this why we have brought April Wellness Month to you all!

Spring time is often a time where we think of change… but in the things around us. Rebirth, rejuvenation and renewal, new flowers grow as the season changes, we spring clean our homes in preparation of the change but what about our bodies? At ALO we want to encourage you to take that 1% of action towards your health or the health of someone you love by getting yourself a health check up with us. There’s never been a better time to book in with us than right now during our April Wellness Month!

So, if you’re already a regular in our clinic, why not tell a friend or family member about our amazing April offers and treat them to a half price Full Body MOT Check-Up and a wellness goodie bag this Month. After all, our Full Body MOT health check-up will have you fit and ready for all of the fun this summer has to offer coming out of lock-down!