Avoid Injury Whilst Running!

Aug 16, 2022

Running is a great way to exercise but like every sport, comes with a risk of injury! Beginner runners are especially prone to injury. Here are some common running injuries that we see in the clinic, and most importantly how to avoid them!

IT Band Syndrome (ITBS):

This is one of the most common problems we see with new runners who do too much running too soon! Symptoms include a sharp pain at the outer aspect of the knee, especially when heel striking. Pain can radiate to the outer thigh or calf and it is worse when running long distances or downhill.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS):

This injury is commonly known as runner’s knee. It presents as pain when running, jumping, squatting or kneeling. Usually, pain is at the front of the knee cap but it can be anywhere around the knee joint!

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS):

This is more commonly known as shin splints! It is very common and is thought to affect up to 20% of all runners at some stage in their running careers. This will present as a sharp and intense ache at the front of the shin, usually in the bottom two thirds of the shin bone. Pain can persist for hours or days after cessation of activity (should be no more than 48 hours!!). Pain is mostly felt with running or fast walking. If this problem goes untreated and ignored it can lead to a more serious injury like a stress fracture.

Plantar Fasciopathy:

This is a problem we usually see in older runners; however, anyone can get it! It is thought to affect around 1 in 10 runners at some stage in their life. It is a notoriously stubborn problem and can take a long time for it to heal, however 90% of cases will resolve within 12 months of conservative treatment! It usually presents with a gradual onset of heel pain. The hallmark sign is intense heel pain during the first few steps after waking or a period of inactivity. Pain reduces with moderate activity but worsens during the day, or after periods of standing or walking.

Achilles Tendinopathy:

This is another common injury we see with short – middle distance runners. It is less common in long distance runners. Morning pain at the Achilles is a classic symptom. Usually there will be some weakness at the calf muscle and stiffness around the ankle.

Training Volume:

This is the biggest mistake we see at the clinic, especially for those who are new to running. Doing too much too soon is usually what leads to an injury. It is essential to build up your tolerance to running gradually over time. A good rule of thumb is to increase your weekly mileage by no more than 10%, although this may be too much for some people still!


This is a huge part of injury prevention. You have to ensure you are recovering well in between your runs or else you will be at risk of injury. Ensuring adequate sleep, nutrition and hydration is essential to prepare your body for each session. Making sure that you leave rest days in your program is a very important part of training.


The old saying that “You can’t burn the candle at both ends” is very much true for runners. This comes back to recovery. Having healthy habits will help you to avoid any injuries. Avoiding alcohol will really help your recovery in between sessions. Smoking will make your runs much tougher and is in general an assault on your body.

Strength Training:

Strength training is an important component of avoiding injury. Although evidence for performance is mixed, it has been shown to improve running economy. This means you can run at the same pace with less effort! Your calf muscles take over 8 times body weight when running so it is very important to keep your muscles good and strong. In general, strength training will make you a better and more robust athlete, and maintaining strong muscles will help you tolerate the loads your body is exposed to when running


Making sure you have the right footwear is essential for running. Your running shoes should have some support and be comfortable. It may take a while to find a pair that suits you so make sure you try a few on before buying a pair.

If you think you may have suffered an injury while running, why not book a FREE 15-minute discovery visit? In this complimentary visit you will have a chance to speak to a physio about your needs/and or condition and they will let you know if physio is right for you.

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Since seeing Louise (following an Achilles rupture repair), I have:

- Made it back onto tennis / squash courts to (tentatively!) celebrate 1 year anniversary of my surgery 
- Ran my fastest 10k at 43.57! 
- Ran 5k in 21:30 (vs pre-surgery PB of 20:18) 
- I increased my single leg calf lift to 59 kg (vs ~18 kg initially a few months ago) 
- I had a final appt with my consultant, who discharged me while congratulating me on a wonderful recovery

All the above is to illustrate that I'm absolutely delighted with the progress I have made since last summer when I couldn't do anything and the outlook seemed bleak. I'll be forever grateful for Louise’s guidance and support as I've navigated the long road back from my injury, and I appreciate the continued advice to help me prepare for more dynamic activity. Louise has been really fantastic and I couldn't have asked for better care.

Recovering from a full Achilles rupture. Started my work with Nina in feb and my progress has only been positive and upwards and I am almost at full speed again. Nina put me back together again almost from scratch. She is the best physio I have ever worked with and will again. Very knowledgable and very hard working. Can’t recommend enough.


What a great find! My orthopaedic surgeon recommended them and I can't rate Luigi, Gloria and the team more highly. Excellent service and very effective treatment- recovering nicely!


I am 84 years old, and have always been fit and healthy and exercised regularly. 3 years ago I underwent emergency surgery for peritonitis, and had a colonoscopy bag for 6 months and straight after surgery to reversal of the stoma. After this surgery I felt my legs very weak. To complete my drama, during the last summer I developed an abdominal hernia and had surgery for hernia repair. This made me even weaker specially at my legs. I have recovered but felt weak. I started my sessions at ALO Physiotherapy at the beginning of January, with the Vibra Machine combined with specific exercises. I have now recovered my body strength, particularly in the legs. I am now walking normally and without pain. I am delighted!


Great clinic with great people! I was so lucky to find this clinic and even more when I met Andre. He's a very talented therapist and a wonderful person who makes you feel comfortable every time. He helped me to resolve my back problems in few appointments and I will be always grateful to him! From my experience is the best clinic in London and I highly recommend them without any doubts!


One of the best physiotherapy centres in the world! The professionalism and knowledge of this centre amazed me.


I am so glad I found this clinic. Luigi has been amazing. After my 1st session I felt an improvement and now have ALOT more movement and significant reduction in pain. I couldn’t recommend this clinic & Luigi enough. So helpful and flexible whenever I have needed to amend appointments. Every one is fantastic. I will continue to come here for as long as I need.


Andre is the best physiotherapist I came across. As a dedicated martial arts practitioner, I regularly use his services. He has always managed to fix my various back and leg injuries. I would recommend Alo Physiotherapy to anyone who suffers from body pain.


Where do I begin? The journey has been too long with Andre Oliveira and ALO Clinic , as he helped me both physically and mentally to overcome an injury I had in both of my knees. A small injury , after following wrong treatment became chronic and I found myself unable to walk/stand/run and do the simplest things- the mental impact was worse. I was introduced to Andre by Eleftherios Pavlidis who runs Laertion in Athens. lefteris with his team were the first to accommodate the problem and told me what I need to do. As a Londoner, I was introduced to Andre and ALO Clinic, and the rest is history. Since February 2017 when I had the first session with Andre and he identified the biomechanic nature of the problem, along with the use of Tecar the results were visible after one month. Since then, along with personal effort and strengthening I did always guided by Andre, I the problem is restored and the pain is gone. I highly recommend ALO Physiotherapy Clinic , and Andre Oliveira for anyone who suffers from sport injuries , amateurs or professional top athletes.


Very professional staff and friendly environment. I felt a lot better after very first session. Appointment are easily available. I would definitely recommend this place


The care I received from ALO Physiotherapy was outstanding from the first session to the last. Sessions with Louise were informative as well as practical, allowing me to understand the context/logic behind treatment as well as tips to prevent future injuries. Louise was always readily available to answer my questions and the treatment process was collaborative rather than being prescriptive. Beyond the expertise of the team the quality of the equipment and facilities was incredibly high and aided my recovery significantly. I would recommend ALO Physiotherapy to anyone who requires physiotherapy treatment in the Marylebone area.

ALO is an excellent well-run clinic and Louise Hynes who looked after me is a superb physiotherapist. Louise is knowledgeable, skilled and very efficient at her job. My sore shoulder was sorted out in no time thanks to her. Thank you, Louise, and thank you ALO.

Julian Webber, Harley Street Endodontist.

ALO is an excellent well-run clinic and Louise Hynes who looked after me is a superb physiotherapist. Louise is knowledgeable, skilled and very efficient at her job. My sore shoulder was sorted out in no time thanks to her. Thank you, Louise, and thank you ALO.

Julian Webber, Harley Street Endodontist.

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