Are you an avid tennis fan? Perhaps you are a pro-player or an amateur with a passion for tennis… or maybe you just love watching the Wimbledon tournaments from home. Whichever one you may be, we know you’ll have been anticipating the beginning of Wimbledon for quite some time now, and we’re finally on the home stretch with just a few days left to go!

This year something special ties us to Wimbledon and that is because our client and friend, Stefanos Tsitsipas will be competing. Stefanos has been a major contender this year and last, and has managed to move from no.5 in the world to no.4 in the world whilst we have been treating him. If Stefanos wins the final this year, he will have 8770 points on Monday that will be enough to overtake the actual world no.3 Rafael Nadal in the rankings. Needless to say, the whole team here at ALO are both supporting and rooting for Stefanos.

Stefanos first came to see us in 2020 after suffering an injury due to extensive training and competitions. Stefanos needed TECAR therapy which we specialise in as London’s leading TECAR centre. We combined his TECAR treatment with medical Pilates to ensure the fastest possible recovery, so he could get back to competing and reach his now no.4 in the world ranking. With Wimbledon around the corner, we are currently helping Stefanos to reach the peak of his physical fitness so he can operate at maximum strength/ agility and capacity for his upcoming tournaments. With a combination of therapies and tailored physio sessions we believe we can continue to help Stefanos achieve his sporting goals and become No.1 in the rankings soon.

If tennis is also your go-to sport, here are 5 tips to help you prepare your body before a match.

1. Hydration – keeping yourself hydrated is important for concentration, energy levels and preventing tennis injuries. As a guide athletes can follow this formula; 0.03 x Body weight (KG) = ? Litres of water. This is a base requirement. Depending on weather conditions and how much you sweat Add 300ml-500ml of water for every hour you exercise for tennis.

2. Tennis Nutrition – eating the right foods before, during and after tennis fitness training, provides your body with vital nutrients needed to produce energy, help the body repair damaged tissue and keep your immune system stable. If you are not sure what foods to consume contact a qualified nutritionist.

3. Tennis Training Equipment – ensuring you have the correct tennis racket for your height and strength as we mentioned in our last blog post. Have your clothing ready and be prepared for different weather conditions. Make sure your tennis rackets are ready to go, sweatbands etc are washed and ready for action.

4. Physical readiness  performing specific warmups tailored to prepare your forearm muscles before the match. Head to our social media pages if you would like to see the exact pre-tennis warm ups. Stretching and foam rolling before training for tennis is highly recommended too, following a tennis stretching and a tennis foam roller program the night before a match is ideal.

5. Mental readiness – Don’t wait until you walk on court, to start mentally switching on. Matchday, you should start talking to yourself 2 hours before your match, keep it positive and go over the things you need to focus on, the things you have been working on with your tennis coach or tennis fitness trainer. It is important to have a strategy to focus on. Keeping yourself mentally relaxed is very important also, learning some good breathing techniques, is a good idea to help keep you centered.

If you believe you may be suffering from a tennis or sport related condition such as tennis or golfers elbow why not book a FREE 15-minute discovery visit to find out?

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