We’re now more than half way through the UEFA Euros and with so many dark horses rising, the question of who will be taking it home this year is on everyone’s lips. We’re hoping that England pulls through this year instead of just pulling muscles like last year!

Speaking of pulled muscles… for many of us passionate football fans, both pro or amateur, the beginning of the Euros was our ‘go ahead’ to put our skills to the test and get back on the pitch. However, after spending some time ‘off’ without playing any group or organised sport due to the restrictions, we may have become a little rusty! This is why we’re currently seeing a large amount of football related pains and injuries in our clinic at the moment. While we love the enthusiasm of our football fans… we also want to remind you to be careful and ensure you’re taking precaution not to become injured. However, should you unfortunately still suffer an injury – you know where to get the correct support to have you back on the mend and playing again in no time.

That is why we’re thrilled to announce that we have a new Physio in our clinic who has an extensive football injury background and is well equipped to deal with all of the injuries, aches and pains that are becoming increasingly common at the moment with the football season.

Luigi is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist, with a vast history of working with elite athletes and weekend warriors. In addition, he has a BSc in Sports Science from Brunel University. Luigi is competent in managing all musculoskeletal injuries, but his speciality is the management of lower limb injuries. Luigi also personally has a keen interest in football and has significant experience working with adult and paediatric athletes, both male and female, spanning from The English Football League Championship, The FA Women’s Championship to the National League. However, Luigi has a proven track record of treating any and all patients with excellent results. Luigi applies a holistic approach to each of his clients, ensuring they are educated on their injury implementing the most appropriate evidence-based treatment plan to achieve the patients set goals.

In our clinic we treat a mixture of sports people, ranging from both pro and amateur footballers, all the way to Great Britain athletes and even tennis stars! We have a set team of dedicated physios who, no matter what sport you may play, and however professional or amateur you may be – will get you on the road to recovery. As football is the main cause of injury we are seeing at the moment, here are 6 top tips to help you avoid football injuries this football season:

1). Strengthen your lower limbs

Away from the pitch, do some lower limb strengthening exercises such as calf raises, squats, lunges and deadlifts to ensure your major muscle groups are adequately prepared to cope with the demand of a football game.

2). Warm up

Taking just a few minutes to warm up properly before football will prepare your body for exercise and reduce your risk of injury. Do some dynamic stretching (stretching whilst moving such as leg swings and knees up) alongside some jogging to increase blood flow to your muscles. Add in some ball drills involving some changing direction and speed. Remember, you must only do dynamic stretching as apposed to regular stretching which can lead to a decreased performance as mentioned in our previous blog post all about stretching.

3). Cool down

Spending a bit of time after the game cooling down will also help to reduce your risk of injury. Spend around 10 minutes doing some low-intensity cardiovascular exercise and stretch all your lower limbs thoroughly.

4). Wear the right gear

Protect your body by wearing the right type of clothing. It’s worth getting fitted with some good boots and wearing shin guards too. If you’re training outdoors, protect your skin from the sun and use a sunscreen with SPF30 and a star rating of 5.

5). Eat a healthy diet

Staying hydrated and eating the right foods will help to fuel your body during exercise and to recover afterwards. Take a look at our sports nutrition plan to find out more.

6). Get enough rest

Be sure to get plenty of rest in between training and matches and give your body the time it needs to repair. If you’re feeling any pain or are unsure if you’ve hurt yourself, listen to your body and take a bit of time out to recuperate. Better to miss one match than to end up injured and on the bench for the rest of the season.

If you believe you may be suffering from a football related injury or any kind of pain/condition, why not book a FREE 15-minute discovery visit with Luigi?

In this complimentary visit you will have a chance to speak to Luigi about your needs/and or condition/concerns and he will let you know if physio is right for you.

To book an appointment or a discovery visit, callus on:0207 636 8845