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What do you know about Vibration therapy?

By ALOMarketing2019

We are delighted to let you know that we now have in our clinic a vibration machine called Vibra. It has been of great help for many of our patients, including the elderly community, using it to treat many conditions in geriatric patients. Vibra has helped them to increase muscle power without upsetting the joints, not to…

Do you know what TECAR therapy is?

By ALOMarketing2019

TECAR, (Transfer of Electricity – Capacitive and Resistive), is a high frequency current using two electrodes/modes – CET (capacitive) and RET (resistive). The first mode operates superficially, and the latter mode passes through the deep tissue, its intensity will depend on the resistance of the tissue. TECAR therapy is an incredibly unique equipment that we…

Our mission statement:

By ALOMarketing2019

To bring healing to the world through world class physio. We endeavour to teach those of you who need us and aid you in your rehabilitation journeys. We want to get you all back to doing the things you love… Today we want to share with you the stories of our valued patients and what…

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